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The Doctors and Companions - first & last lines

The Doctors and Companions - first & last lines


I missed two solid weeks of these so now I feel bad. I’m sorry this is kind of a rush job but I literally just got home from SDCC and I’m trying super hard to catch up! 

This giveaway is going to be a little different since I want to give people more than just a few hours to enter - so rather than ending tonight I’ll end it on Wednesday.

  • Someone is going to win a lacrosse hoodie
  • Any size, any character (new characters are coming soon-ish)
  • Shipped anywhere
  • Like and/or reblog to enter! Don’t spam or be a jerk because it’ll break the notes and ruin my day. 
  • This giveaway ends on WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th at 10 PM, PST.

!BONUS! This week’s winner will also get one of the SDCC EXCLUSIVE BEASTIARIES. I managed to grab a couple extra at the con. The beastiary and the hoodie will ship separately but to the same address, free of charge. 

As always, hoodies are available here.

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