SO the reason why I have been inactive is because I have been working on my cosplay and I can’t be in tumblr until after next monday. I will be showing progress pictures of my cosplays on this blog and my anime/kpop blog. 

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Teen Wolf AU: In which a fake-kiss from a fake-boyfriend to save Stiles from being aggressively hit on leads to real kisses from a real boyfriend.

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Teen Wolf AU: Teenage delinquents verse [1/?] In which Derek and Stiles are teenage delinquents who meet at the Sheriff station. 

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Teen Wolf AU: The one in which Derek is an awkward nerd and Stiles is the popular jock he’s in love with, and there’s a lot of pining from afar until Derek gathers the courage to approach Stiles.

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devilishly handsome 
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The best quality of Hoechlin is the sunshine. 

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We’re just a bunch of teenagers, we can’t handle this.

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